Concentric blackened jacket ensures reliable explosive expansion while delivering devastating on-game performance.

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– Exclusive jacket design delivers devastating on-game performance for medium to big game at extended ranges
– Concentric blackened jacket ensures reliable explosive expansion
– Translucent yellow tip increases ballistic coefficient, improves terminal performance, and aids in consistent reliable chambering
– Enhanced boat tail design provides superior flight characteristics over a wide range of velocities
– Nickel plated cases to aid in extraction while providing significant anti-corrosion qualities
– Custom formulated and precision loaded powders deliver consistent velocities regardless of atmospheric conditions
– Industry-leading primers are matched to proprietary powder blends to ensure dependable ignition


Ammo Type Elite Hunter
Caliber 30-06 SPRG
Grain Weight 165 gr
Qty Per Package 20
Muzzle Velocity 2950 fps
Muzzle Energy 3188 ft-lb
Ballistic Coefficient (G1) 0.530
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